At Pitsford School, pupils learn the skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to excel in the demanding examination courses that lie ahead. The entrance criteria are such that all our pupils are able to cope with an academically challenging curriculum; one which is designed to prepare them for entrance to the best universities and subsequent career opportunities.

The Sixth Form Curriculum

Advanced level courses are available in the following subjects; Art, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English Literature, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Music, Physics, Spanish and Physical Education. In addition to their subject choices, all Students will undertake an Extended Project Qualification.

The central core of the curriculum is the A Level programme and most Sixth Formers will spend 70% of their time on this. The progress of Sixth Formers will be measured by regular testing, reviews and reports. Sixth Formers will not be expected to adhere to a rigid timetable of homework but to spend an equal amount of time on each subject inside and outside the classroom. It is expected that 4 hours per week is spent on each subject out of lesson time. That is equivalent to approximately three hours per night Monday to Friday for 4 A Levels.

In addition to timetabled lessons, there is time set aside for individual study. The proper use of this time is an essential feature of the Sixth Form course, both in the time spent on study, and in learning to work without direction. Private study will take place in the Michael Robinson Memorial Library, or in the Sixth Form Centre. Those students who initially find it difficult to manage their time effectively, will have more specific guidance from their tutor.

The timetable for the Sixth Form will be as follows:

Each specialist A Level subject is allocated 7 periods per week, arranged in five teaching blocks for time-tabling purposes.

The sixth teaching block of 5 periods will include:

General Studies Programme (2 periods per week)

Games (3 periods per week)

A Sixth Former studying 4 A Levels will normally have seven private study periods per week.

The Upper Sixth Year

When students enter the Upper Sixth, they will be expected to either continue to study their 4 original subjects to A Level standard, or continue to study 3 of their original subjects to A Level.

In each of the above cases, pupils may also have an Extended Project Qualification.