The Sixth Form at Pitsford School offers an ideal opportunity to develop and bridge the gap between GCSE and Higher Education.


We aim to foster a real sense of community within the Sixth Form and to provide an environment where every pupil can achieve their full academic potential. All pupils are encouraged to become fully involved in the wider life of the school, develop new interests and hopefully create life-long friendships. Above all, we believe that pupils should enjoy the Sixth Form experience and flourish in a positive and supportive environment.

Sixth Form Life

Essentially the Sixth Form years should include the most significant achievements of one’s school career. Sixth Form education is radically different from what has preceded it. Not only do you study a much smaller range of subjects, ideally three or four, but you also have a rather different work pattern. At the same time there is an opportunity to play a role as one of the senior members of the school by holding responsibility and exercising leadership. Success in the Sixth Form does depend on ability, but equally important is your attitude to work. Self motivation, self discipline and the ability to work on your own are key factors. These are also essential skills for university and beyond, so the Sixth Form is about far more than just gaining A Levels.

Unlike the majority of schools, all the Sixth Formers at Pitsford School – not just the Senior Prefects – are given responsibility and are accountable for their actions. Sixth Formers are trained for their leadership tasks and have a large say in how they are carried out. They work in teams, with the Senior Prefects responsible for the organisation and monitoring of their team’s performance. The Senior Prefects hold additional specific areas of responsibility.

An Introduction to Pitsford School's Sixth Form

In November each year, we hold an Information Evening, when prospective Sixth Form Pupils join our current Pupils to find out more about life in Pitsford School's Sixth Form and the different subjects on offer. We do appreciate that choosing only three or four subjects to study in greater depth can be difficult and so subject teachers and current Sixth Formers are on hand to give help and advice.

In February, we hold a Taster Day, which enables all potential Sixth Formers to sample short lessons in A Level subjects of their choice.

If you or you child are interested in finding out more about Pitsford School's Sixth Form, please contact the School Office on 01604 880306.