Everyone takes part in sport at Pitsford School. Our aim is to encourage each individual to find enjoyment in physical activity and to develop their potential. For some this will be to achieve excellence, for others this will be to have fun and to be healthy.
Dedicated games afternoons focus on our main team sports: For boys Rugby and Cricket dominate but football is also well represented. For Girls the main team sports are Netball and Rounders. . Fixtures are played in all sports against local independent and state schools.

Team sports are invaluable for encouraging a range of skills that can be taken on into later life. Pupils with the ability to play in a team will always be able to integrate socially into new environments. Many of our past pupils have gone on to achieve excellence at county and even national level, many currently play in teams at their universities and indeed, a large proportion of our current pupils play for local clubs, district or county.

We have a very successful cross-country team who participate competitively against local schools. All pupils, and many parents and staff participate in the ‘Pitsford Run’, an annual House Competition that also brings the whole school community together.

Sport is also about creating opportunity for enjoyment and recreation. Our pupils play basketball, badminton, tennis and table tennis for recreation and some have enjoyed distinct success in these areas. At various time throughout the year pupils can take part in Sailing, Horse riding and other adventurous activities such as climbing or kayaking. Sixth formers who are not playing team sports may choose to go to the gym instead.