Pitsford School’s extra curricular programme is extensive and covers a wide range of activities for pupils to take part in. We encourage the pupils to do at least 3 activities, so that they can broaden their curriculum. We offer fishing, computer programming, film club, gardening, sailing, cross country, basketball, knitting, sculpture club and many,many more. The programme changes half-termly taking account of the weather and winter darkness. Sporting activities are compulsory: Rugby and netball from September to March; cricket and rounders from April to July.

Pupils can sign up electronically at home, allowing them to discuss what they want to do with their parents.

Activities run from 4:20pm until 5:20pm and this is when parents should collect their children. We offer prep every night; allowing pupils to complete homework tasks in school. It also means that if, for any reason, you cannot collect your child at 4pm, they can go to prep instead.

Please take a look at the activities booklet, we are always open to suggestions too.