Children who are registered with Pitsford School, will be invited to spend a day with the class they are hoping to join.

During the day, they will have the opportunity to take part in the class’ activities and lessons. This gives Pitsford School’s staff the opportunity to ensure the children will be happy in their future surroundings, to observe their interaction with other pupils, their behaviour and their general attitude towards work.

In addition, the children will complete assessments in Mathematics, English and Reading in order to see what level of learning they are currently at.

Prospective pupils must bring their most recent school report, evidence of their National Curriculum attainment levels in Mathematics and English, a current reading book and some examples of recent school work.

Following a successful day, Pitsford School will then be able to make a formal offer of a place to your child.

Upon acceptance of the offer of a place, parents are asked to pay a £600 Acceptance Deposit. This Deposit is reimbursed to parents when the pupil leaves the School but is forfeited should the place not be taken up.