Pastoral care at Pitsford School is delivered through our dedicated tutorial staff. Each pupil joins a house on their arrival to the school and remains with that house through the duration of their time with us. The three houses: Robinson, Hesketh and Wake, form the basis of the tutor groups and pupils are mentored and nurtured in small year groups with other members of their house.

We know that teenagers test the boundaries, we know that they sometimes get it wrong; we pride ourselves on the level of our pastoral care and the support networks we have in place to deal with these emotionally and physically challenging years.

PSHSE and Study Skills are taught in these tutor groups and time is given twice a week to covering a wide range of personal, social, and health issues that affect our young people throughout their time in school and aims to prepare them for the world beyond Pitsford. This is in addition to daily registration periods. These small groups underpin the strong relationship that exists between teachers and pupils.

The spiritual ethos of the school is fostered through our assemblies, which take place three times a week in our chapel. We welcome and respect all faiths while maintaining the traditions of our Christian heritage. Our assemblies are coordinated by a charismatic Reverend Tickle and include contributions from our Senior Leadership Team and teaching staff and pupils alike. We regularly invite outside speakers to address our pupils, maintaining social and charitable links with the local community. All pupil in Years 7-9 study RS and have the option to study RS as an extra GCSE through the activities programme.

The house system supports healthy competition through a number of whole school events, where pupils have the opportunity to contribute points to their house. Academic, sporting and Cultural achievements are celebrated in this way.

At Pitsford School, the wellbeing of each child is paramount. The coordination of this care is undertaken by the Deputy Head, Mrs Kirk, who is also the Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding. Mrs Kirk meets with all tutors every second week and ensures that staff are briefed with any information that may be important to supporting their academic progress and personal happiness.